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Announcing Our First Customer Spotlights

Kris Gösser Posted by Kris Gösser Oct 11, 2016
Recently we published our first five Customer Spotlights, a new section on the website sharing the amazing and diverse stories our customers have to tell.

We noticed something interesting when working with our customers: Their origin stories, visions on how to change healthcare, and traction were all so compelling, and surprisingly diverse. It reminded us of the vastness of healthcare; the..

Health 2.0 Recap: Day 3

Kris Gösser Posted by Kris Gösser Sep 28, 2016

Day Three is a wrap, meaning we saw more demos and observed the last few panel discussions of the conference.

Health 2.0 Recap: Day 2

Kris Gösser Posted by Kris Gösser Sep 27, 2016
Day Two of Health 2.0 featured a diverse set of topics. The conference deserves credit for the breadth of session options. There was more to see than the Catalyze crew could cover, so we'll focus on just a few key observations.

Physician Health

Perhaps one of the more underrated phenomena in healthcare is physician burnout. There isn't nearly enough attention paid to the topic compared to its..

Health 2.0 Recap: Day 1

Kris Gösser Posted by Kris Gösser Sep 26, 2016
Day One of Health 2.0 featured the annual Traction startup pitch session. Many interesting companies presented, from to The panel prior had compelling insight worth sharing. The group of investors told a unified story across several key conversation topics:
  • Digital Health is in the "Trough" of the Gartner hype cycle. There was a lot of promise, now under delivery, but..

Announcing Change Agent, Catalyze’s Medium Publication

Kris Gösser Posted by Kris Gösser May 19, 2016

Since Catalyze’s beginning, a core belief has revolved around the importance of transparent, free, readily available content. That is why we write about what we learn. That is why we have open sourced our company policies and made our Business Associate Agreement publicly available.

4 PHI Marketing Special Cases

Kris Gösser Posted by Kris Gösser May 03, 2016

In modern daily practice, healthcare professionals can utilize patient protected health information (PHI) to “market” various alternative remedies or products, without formal authorization from the patient / beneficiary. To start off clearly, marketing is the communication of a product or service that encourages the purchase or use of said product or service. Under the HIPAA Omnibus Rules..

Customers in the news: Welkin raises a $2M seed round

Kris Gösser Posted by Kris Gösser Jul 20, 2015

Last week news broke of a fundraise by Catalyze customer Welkin Health. We have been working with Welkin for some time, and have been fans of their vision.

Beware of HIPAA Ready Vendors!

Kris Gösser Posted by Kris Gösser Jun 04, 2015

In a world where technology, healthcare, and business are all integrated, a thorough understanding of semantics is critical, especially when PHI (protected health information)is at risk. No matter what your relationship with HIPAA may be, knowing the difference between being HIPAA ready and HIPAA compliant could save you some big risks and some even bigger costs.

Win a copy of "Disrupting Digital Business" by R "Ray" Wang, our latest Innovation Series participant

Kris Gösser Posted by Kris Gösser May 11, 2015

We recently sat down with R "Ray" Wang to chat about the disruption of healthcare business models. Ray was gracious enough to offer his time and insights—even while conducting the interview from Dubai! You can read the transcript and watch the videos here or view a preview:

How we process over 6,000,000 (and growing) HL7 messages a month

Kris Gösser Posted by Kris Gösser May 04, 2015

Integration is a buzzword in healthcare, and for good reason.

Catalyze is a HIPAA compliant cloud trusted by institutions like the Dept. of Veterans Affairs and best-of-breed digital vendors.

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