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AWS Re:Invent — Re:Cap #2

Mohan Balachandran Posted by Mohan Balachandran Dec 02, 2016

A recap of the AWS re:Invent keynotes

We're returning from three and a half days at the re:invent conference. It was an extraordinary event both in terms of the number of people attending but also in terms of the calibre and diversity of the attendees. I had some conversations where people reminisced about how re:invent has come to be the IT conference and has taken over the mantle from VMWorld...

AWS Re:Invent — Re:Cap #1

Mohan Balachandran Posted by Mohan Balachandran Nov 30, 2016

This is the first time that we at Catalyze are attending AWS re:invent. We always knew that the event was large but we're surprised to see and hear that the event has grown substantially since last year. AWS re:invent expects to have about 32,000 attendees this year with attendee profiles ranging from engineers to CIOs and a broad range of industries.

Why Do Healthcare Information Systems Account For $40+ Billion?

Mohan Balachandran Posted by Mohan Balachandran Aug 04, 2016

In 2015, the Healthcare Information Systems (HCIS) market accounted for $40.39 billion and is forecasted to reach $70+ billion by 2022. Rising government initiatives, increasing healthcare costs and aging population are some of the factors driving the market growth. Compared to information systems in other industries, HCISs are specific to healthcare. The distinctiveness characterizing the..

How Does the Cloud Reduce Data Loss Risk?

Mohan Balachandran Posted by Mohan Balachandran Jul 13, 2016

Healthcare is being revolutionized by the proliferation of new technologies. With the modern boom of laptop, smartphone and tablet usage being witnessed across medical institutions, allowing doctors to easily connect with their patients is more important than ever. Since medical workers can connect near instantaneously to obtain medical information sought after, primary care workflows can be..

7 Quality Measure Healthcare Organizations Explained

Mohan Balachandran Posted by Mohan Balachandran May 25, 2016

Even as a healthcare professional, understanding the what, when, why, who, and how of healthcare quality measurement becomes a grueling task. There are multiple non-profit and private sector organizations involved in the discovery, design, and verification of quality measures for the healthcare industry. Each of these organizations has a predominant concentration; however, as healthcare evolves,..

3 Benefits of Accessible Big Data Analytics

Mohan Balachandran Posted by Mohan Balachandran Apr 13, 2016

The guaranteed benefits of data analytics and the federal HIPAA mandates have been driving healthcare organizations to adopt EHR systems. The transition from paper-based record keeping systems to EHRs not only improves the efficiency of record keeping but also allows rapid retrieval and analysis of patient medical history. It is clear that medical decisions supported by a large amount of easily..

The Acme of Insight — Raj Sundaramurthy, Catalyze Chief Product Officer

Mohan Balachandran Posted by Mohan Balachandran Mar 16, 2016

Genius can often be defined by insightful measures. From the arts to the sciences, having insight is the most effective method to developing understanding. Whether you desire to delve into a new area of expertise or explore a more generalized subject matter, having insight is critical. No one can advocate for this imperative more than Catalyze’s new Chief Product Officer, Raj Sundaramurthy.

Catalyze Partners with Salesforce & Microsoft Azure

Mohan Balachandran Posted by Mohan Balachandran Mar 11, 2016

Healthcare data requires the utmost level of security and integrity. Protected Health Information (PHI) isn't just random data; it’s a real person’s medical history so dedication to compliance and security is critical. Unfortunately the commitment to security and privacy has lead to the data being difficult to fully utilize. With that industry hurdle, Catalyze automates much of the compliance..

Announcing Stratum — Your Compliance Foundation

Mohan Balachandran Posted by Mohan Balachandran Feb 25, 2016

Today we are proud to announce the immediate availability of our Platform as a Service solution product – Stratum.

Cost of HITRUST assessment and certification

Mohan Balachandran Posted by Mohan Balachandran Jan 06, 2016

Cost is one of a few gating factors for companies considering a HITRUST Assessment. This cost can broken up into two broad categories – direct and indirect costs.

Catalyze is a HIPAA compliant cloud trusted by institutions like the Dept. of Veterans Affairs and best-of-breed digital vendors.

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