Announcing Our First Customer Spotlights

Kris Gösser Posted by Kris Gösser Oct 11, 2016
Recently we published our first five Customer Spotlights, a new section on the website sharing the amazing and diverse stories our customers have to tell.

We noticed something interesting when working with our customers: Their origin stories, visions on how to change healthcare, and traction were all so compelling, and surprisingly diverse. It reminded us of the vastness of healthcare; the..

The Purpose of HITRUST’s Business Associate Council

Travis Good Posted by Travis Good Oct 06, 2016


HITRUST is an industry-driven organization with a mission to create a standardized and certifiable security and compliance framework for the healthcare industry. It was founded by and is still governed by representatives from covered entities included Unitedhealthcare, Anthem, and Highmark. The framework created by HITRUST, called the Common Security Framework (CSF), is an..

Does Healthcare IT Put the Cart Before the Horse?

Eileen Tublin Posted by Eileen Tublin Oct 03, 2016

Industry focus on patient outcomes has never been higher. Key healthcare stakeholders, from payers, providers, vendors and others, all indicate that this focus will surely escalate. The emphasis may appear new, but as early as 1998, the Journal of of General Internal Medicine began covering the patient outcomes movement. Considering this surge in interest, you may be wondering why some healthcare..

Health 2.0 Recap: Day 3

Kris Gösser Posted by Kris Gösser Sep 28, 2016

Day Three is a wrap, meaning we saw more demos and observed the last few panel discussions of the conference.

Health 2.0 Recap: Day 2

Kris Gösser Posted by Kris Gösser Sep 27, 2016
Day Two of Health 2.0 featured a diverse set of topics. The conference deserves credit for the breadth of session options. There was more to see than the Catalyze crew could cover, so we'll focus on just a few key observations.

Physician Health

Perhaps one of the more underrated phenomena in healthcare is physician burnout. There isn't nearly enough attention paid to the topic compared to its..

Health 2.0 Recap: Day 1

Kris Gösser Posted by Kris Gösser Sep 26, 2016
Day One of Health 2.0 featured the annual Traction startup pitch session. Many interesting companies presented, from to The panel prior had compelling insight worth sharing. The group of investors told a unified story across several key conversation topics:
  • Digital Health is in the "Trough" of the Gartner hype cycle. There was a lot of promise, now under delivery, but..

Madison Startups on the Map - Healthcare IT Included

Eileen Tublin Posted by Eileen Tublin Sep 26, 2016

In a city underrated by those who have never visited, Madison, WI, brings more to the Midwest than its prestigious university and famous State Street. The Midwest is predicted to have more startups than Silicon Valley in five years. VentureBeat author Chris Olson states, “Today entrepreneurs are building more billion-dollar companies in the Midwest than in the last 50 years combined.” It’s time..

Announcing Our $6.5MM Series B. The Story is about Our Customers.

Travis Good Posted by Travis Good Sep 21, 2016

Today Catalyze completed a Series B round of financing, raising $6.5MM and bringing our total amount raised to $12.5MM. We're thrilled to have new investor Lewis & Clark Ventures lead the round, and equally excited our existing investors—Arthur Ventures, Baird Capital, and Chicago Ventures—participated in the round and continue to view Catalyze as the organization they believed we would become..

The Doctor App Question: Who will Validate, Vet or Veto?

Marcia Noyes Posted by Marcia Noyes Sep 19, 2016

FierceHealthcare reporter Susan D. Hall outlined some important challenges for digital health in a recent article titled, “Amid opportunities, digital health poses challenges for cardiology.” The article covers three challenges. One, the need for the onslaught of healthcare data to be better aggregated in context for doctors and patients alike. Two, the challenge of proving mobile health..

Why Do Healthcare Information Systems Account For $40+ Billion?

Mohan Balachandran Posted by Mohan Balachandran Aug 04, 2016

In 2015, the Healthcare Information Systems (HCIS) market accounted for $40.39 billion and is forecasted to reach $70+ billion by 2022. Rising government initiatives, increasing healthcare costs and aging population are some of the factors driving the market growth. Compared to information systems in other industries, HCISs are specific to healthcare. The distinctiveness characterizing the..

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